In need of a detailed text overlay!

Hey! I’m looking for someone who can create detailed, beautiful text overlays! I’m in need of an overlay that says my story name, and some hibiscus followers placed nicely on it. If anyone is interested, please message me and I’ll discuss it with you!

Hey there, I’m Aria and I’m a graphic design student. I can make you smooth texts in any font you want.

Hey, love! Are you able to add flowers and stuff to the text you make? My story is very beachy themed, so I was just wondering if you can!

Yes, sounds pretty easy :white_heart:
Do you need the text and the flowers to be one overlay or separate?

I would want them to be separate so I can fade them all in at different times, including the different words!

Alright no problem, tell me your title and if you have a font preference.
If you want you can take a look here
I will send you a WeTransfer link with passcode when I have them ready.