In need of a drawn cover (LL)

Hello! Can someone tell me some instagram account or forums username who can make drawn covers for free? I doesn’t need to be something very fancy .

Thank you so much

Ink or LL

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Oh well I’m good with LL i say that to litterly everybody :joy: but i could try an help ya

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Any examples?

I have one it isn’t finished but I’ll send it one sec

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Ignore the right eye lmao


I’d totally understand if you’d prefer someone else

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I love your hair. it looks amazing.

I really struggle with hair myself

It’s very pretty but I would like to see example what is done…

Oh haha ty what app do you use to edit?

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That’s fine ty

I use krita

Ooo I’ve seen it looks good I’ve never used it tho lol i use ibis paint x

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is your story publish I only draw covers for published stories

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Just requested one