In need of a episode buddy


Okay so I am writing my first story and i have watched alot of YouTube video’s on how to but was wondering if anyone would like to be my episode buddy as in we can just kinda share tips to writing there is so much stuff i want to add into my story but i have no idea how to do it. Just kinda help each other and motivate each other. If this is super stupid im sorry i just really want to find someone to help me along the way. Thanks in advance and if this topic isnt in the right spot i am sorry.


I can be your Episode Buddy, if ya want! :grin:


OMG Yess that would be amazing.


Okie, PM me your story details and we can get started!


I am writing an story and was wondering if anyone would like to write it with me


I love to help you


I’d love to help, if you still need/want it :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love all the help I can get I dont mind having a few sometimes it better to have a few just pm me. :grinning: Thanks you guys it means alot.




who want to write with me.


I would totes love to help.


hey so no one want to write with me


I may not be able to help you write considering i still have no idea what i am doing but if i can help in any other way please let me know i will try my best.


i’m new and i would like to have a writing partner


I know how you feel im new to i am writing my first episode of my first story now and i still am clueless lol but im trying maybe someone can help you though I mean i can help you write but you probably want someone who knows what they are doing but again let me know if i can help in any way and i will try my best.


it’s okay thank u


Have you created a topic and asked for a writing partner ? I have seen many topic’s of people looking for writing partners?


can u get me one


That would be amazing any input would help me so much


I will