In need of a episode cover

in need of a cover for my episode story

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If you request on my thread I can do it for you !

I’m really quick :two_hearts:

do you need a picture of every detail?

I need a picture of your characters in the position (animation), and outfit you want them to be in.

Also if you could tell me the author name, background and title of the story

And whether you want it drawn or edited or if you want highlight and contour added etc

I can make you one!

there are 3 authors, savanah,kayla, and amanda the background should be all black and the title of the story is Victim

Ok I’ll have it for you very soon!

thanks so much!!!

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I switched it up a bit, hope you like it!

OMGGGG love it sm thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem :wink: could you credit me if you end up using it? Just say something like “cover credit goes to @Meadowh on episode!” Thanks!

Can you create me one please?

Sure, but could you request it on my thread, which is specifically for these types of things?

Here’s the link-