In need of a episode writer freind :')



hey. I’m currently working on my new story and I’m REALLY new like brand new to this side of episode & I just feel in need of a friend who wouldn’t mind helping me & maybe assuring me that this isn’t that hard, I’ve been planning this story out on paper & now its time to put it onto here but I feel out of place, just need a friend for help. :slight_smile:


I would love to do that. I feel alone sometimes and I think I would love to help someone in any way I can. I am a professional writer and have a story on episode too


Hello @bekss! This is Camelost and we welcome you to the Episode Forum! Take a second to check out our Forum Tutorial and make sure you understand how to correctly create topics. Thank you and welcome aboard! :sunglasses:


thank you so much, I feel like a little kid on here. & I appreciate it a lot <3


You can PM me and we can talk there.




message me on insta @_.bekss




I requested you now. Do you have 1000 something followers ?