In Need Of A Fabulous Cover For My Story


I like to make art, it’s fun. But I also like to what others can do and add artistic diversity to my stories. So I’m asking for a special cover for my story “Queens.”

For a short summary of the story, it’s about a girl that moves far away from her home of 17 years, and has to adjust to the lifestyle in her new location. She joins a well known club at school called “The Queens” and is asked by the members to overthrow Brooke, the mean club leader.

During the story, the main character faces sexism against the girls in her town, and despite being told to “just deal with it,” she fights for the equal treatment of the ladies in her new town.

The theme of the story revolves around feminist power. It gives strong, bold, confident, sweet, elegant, bright, girly, and glorious vibes.

As far as warnings and info…

  • I would like the background to be in an alleyway. (I provide the exact picture below.)
  • Expect to be doing some digital drawing/editing! This is not the cliche cover of a girl and boy blushing at each other with text slapped over them.
  • I am requesting some overlays being added/edited into the background, character, etc.
  • I would like makeup/highlight/hair-editing/nail-polish and other main episode edit factors.
  • I will be doing more than just give credit… (See below.)

Credit Details:
Since this is a pretty difficult request, I want do more than just give credit. I’ll give readerMessage credit, and a section at the end of the story if you complete the art!

Position Details
  • It’s a limelight cover, by the way.
  • I will try to be as clear as possible.
  • I don’t need it too urgently. Take your time!

I would like only one character in the cover. (Facial details on her below.)

She will be sitting on a motorcycle like this:

The motorcycle looks like this PNG image:

The helmet she will be holding is pink, like this:

They alleyway she is in looks like this:

I hope that made sense… lol.

Character Facial Details
  • She is a limelight female with Tan Rose skin, Green eyes, and Tan-ish Pink lips.
  • She has chestnut brown, straight hair. I expect it to be edited/digitally drawn so I’m not giving the exact style.
  • She is smirking at the camera, while holding her helmet and sitting on the cycle, as like the picture above.

As far as the font…
I want the font to be something like this:
(The same font as the word Creatives.)

As you know, It should just say, “Queens”

Hopefully that was enough info! Please ask questions if you have and I’ll get back to you with the answer.



hi Em! I wanna make it for you


I may be able to do it, but I’m not sure. If you choose for me to do it, u should also choose somebody else in case I fail miserably


ooh you could do small I could do large???


Great! Did you read the details? Do you have any questions? Btw, it’s been a while so how are you girl? I missed you… :sweat_smile::sweat:


Yeah maybe!


Same thing with you, how are you?? Lol also, did you read the details? Any questions? You two can work out who does which size, too.



ahhh I missed you too, girl. I’ve been good. Had my virtual wedding today lol


Really! How was it? That sounds fun actually…


it was amazing cus I really love her


Lol also, it’s a pretty advanced request, so you may want to read the details…


I’m good, and ya I did read all the details. But @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE might be more experienced than me so maybe she should do it,…


Aww. That honestly sounds soooo cute. #Goals


Aww, who is she?


aww thx but we can both do it!! I’ve actually done something like this lol




If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to. If you do, maybe you could do the large cover? I actually have something different and easier in mind for that.


I’m comforable with it, I just think its a tad too advanced for me. :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s okay. I respect your decision! If you can do the same girl with a crown, blowing a kiss at the title, which is next to her for the large cover, that would be great too.


so you want large and small?