In Need Of A Fabulous Cover For My Story




no face claims yet becuz I haven’t chosen a faceclaim for myself yet lol


Hello, it’s Rosy, Emma’s sister. You may remember me from the night I was chatting with you all. I’m not here to chat… just to inform you of some pretty awful news. Emma went biking with her friends earlier today, and she got into a pretty serious accident. She is in the hospital resting now, and we don’t know when she’ll be well again. The doctor said probably no more than 2 days, but she must undergo surgery, and recovery from that will take several months. For more details, she seems to have fractured, or broken a major bone in her leg. She’ll chat soon, I’ll try to keep you updated. Ask any questions if you have them…

She will not die, do not worry too much! :blush: She was biking, and she recalls slamming into a tree, then blacking out… She remembers nothing else. It’s just her leg.
Luckily, she can use her tablet for a little while before her surgery. Would you like to say hi anyone? She only has a few minutes, though. Surgery is in a couple hours, and she’s just laying right now.

Best wishes, Rosy.


OH MY GOD!!! I’m so sorry… god, I don’t know what to say… I hope she’s ok, and please tell her Amani says get well soon!!\

Thank you for informing us Rosy…


Hey it’s emma. My surgery went well and i wanted to see how you were all doing with the request. Im just resting now


It’s going great 1.

  1. I’m so glad you’re ok!!


thanks. I just broke my leg, im lucky it wasnt my head or anything


Could I see how its going so far with the request. Like a preview??




it’s probably not what you want but I’m going to draw on the hair.


I’m so late but that is beautiful!!