In need of a few overlays

Hey! I need a few overlays and if you can make them thanks. :blush: I will give credit!

Overlay 1 (arm overlay)

I need an arm overlay facing up or up straight and it has to be a green color.
(It’s for a dead character)
Ink, female

Overlay 2 (text overlay)

I need a text overlay that says
“Rita” with a heart at the end
The color can be yellow or black
I want the font to be cursive

Overlay 3 (object overlay?)

(I know this is weird and creepy but it’s for a mystery/horror story
I need hair in a jar overlay
Hair needs to be charcoal
It can be a few strands of hair

Last Overlay (Grave Edit)

It needs to say:
Here lies Rita Santos
Loving Mother and Grandmother
(Any date)

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I’ll try I’m pretty okay at overlays

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Thank you so much. :blush:

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Your welcome they’ll be done soon :relieved::heart:

How are these?

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I love them but could you make the hand like reaching the sky? :blush:

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Sure :smile: