In need of a fire cover asap

I have been looking for a cover for my new story and cannot fine someone. Please if anyone knows who can make a good cover please comment.

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so you want a “good” cover asap, not sure if anyone is available for free asap, there are some that have waiting lists, would you be interested in paid drawn covers or free edited covers? here’s someone who draws great covers, although like I mentioned there is a waiting list


Hi there!! This is my thread, I would love to help!!

Hope we can work together!!

Hi! If you are looking for Paid Cover, I can help! :heart:

Hey :blush: if you’re still looking for an artist, I’m free atm and would love to work with you.

Sorry guys I have already found somebody to do my cover for me but thank you for all the suggestions.

Thank you lovely for suggesting me :blob_hearts:

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ofc, no problem :smiling_face: :sparkles:

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