In need of a flying bird overlay and template

Hello dear Episodians,
I’m looking for a flying bird template along with the necessary overlays. Can anyone please help me with it? Thank you. :blush:

if you are OK with the bird not moving the wings you can use any fly bird overlay and simply shit it on screen - no temlate really needed - its just simple overlay command.

you can fin d overlays on pages like this one:

and here is all about overlays


Thank you. Actually I’m looking for birds moving their wings too.

then you will more likely need a gif of the flying bird on transparent background - that will be not that easy to find one I think…

well once you will find it - here is how to animate a gif in a loop - just you will not make it in a loop m
but make it just once - the principle is the same.

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Thank you so much, I’ll try it.

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If you go to my Instagram (carllies_episode) in my links, backgrounds and overlays, then go to templates, I have bird overlays and templates to follow. All you really need to do is copy and paste, then tweak how big and how high you want it on the screen.

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Thank you so much. I’ll check it out. :heart:

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