In need of a free cover! (credit will be given!)

hi! i’m really in need of a free cover. i know exactly what i want my story to be about- i just haven’t written it yet. my story is going to be about a girl from a small town runs into a guy, and she doesn’t really get on social media a lot. and he happens to be a world famous football player. i want my story to be limelight, and possibly digitally drawn? i am not gonna be picky at all since it would be a surprise if anyone did something like this for free. i will put a picture of what my characters will look like below, and a cover of what i want it to look like. i don’t want it identical of the cover of course, but i just want it inspired by that cover. thank you sososososo much!

this is the cover i want it to be inspired by:

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Check vintage art shop

Will find wonderful artists


Thank you so much!

Hey! I could make a free cover for you.If you are interested dm me on insta-twilight09_episode,here are some of my arts!