In need of a free story cover!

hi! i have a story in mind that i’ve already started coding, i just need a cover. i cant pay at the moment so i was wondering if anyone does them for free? i’ll give full credit to you within the story and on my ig. lmk if you’re able to do it!



i’d like a lockers background (like highschool lockers) and both of the characters wearing school uniform, thank you!

hello Im Arianna im working on a story and I need a cover do you think you can help me with that?
Thank you for spending time reading this

hi! i would love to. Unfortunately my device I do all my art on got an error code and might factory reset itself and delete everything. I can’t log in or anything yet until I get it checked out this weekend : (

ok thats fine im not in a rush so if you can later just tell me. thank you for your help.

Ok when you get it checked out if you still can tell me I’m not in a rush.
Thank you for reading this.

I’ll let you know when i hear something abt it. i should know something tomorrow. and i’d still love to do ur commission. im so sorry for the wait :sneezing_face: :black_heart:

Hey did you hear anything. If so are you still able to do my cover if not I understand.
Arianna Maret