In need of a helper with coding

Hi I’m looking for someone to help me with my story on episode specific on coding and i also need edits for my story

Hey! I think I can help you! Feel free to PM me here, or on my Instagram @hannah_writes_epi

Hi is that your instgram or

Because i dm you on my instgram it’s from_dark_to_lights on instgram

Or dm me on instgram that way i know it’s you

I haven’t received any message. Ill message you

I have followed you, but it won’t let me send a message if you dont follow me back (for some reason)

I followed you and i send you just now

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Hey i dm you sorry i didn’t respond sooner something i get distracted or i dm someone else and my phone is dead i just want to give you heads up just incase

For this, you can browse various art shops on the forums if you want to and you might find some examples that you like and from there you can request edits for your story if the shop is open.

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Hey i think it’s closed

hi schittwriter i went on the wrong page sorry it’s open

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Okay that’s good! I suppose you can comment on the open shop thread of your choosing and request an edit. :relaxed:

Hey i actually found someone to code my story so thank you and also i need someone to code for free