In need of a large cover! Anyone interested?!

Can anyone make me a large cover? I’ll definitely credit you! It would be much apreciated! :two_hearts:

And i’d also love to see what you guys make for fun :heart:

I could make you one if you want. :slight_smile:

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Can i please see exaples of you’re work? :blush::blush:

I can try!

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Outline- Deactivated but edit by me !

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Well could you please make me one with my characters? Do you need me to type out the details or can you do it off some photos of them in their position?

Is it ink or limelight?

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Don’t worry about it hun, thanks so much anyway xox


If it’s okay, i would like the top two, girl with pink hair and guy with brown, to be upfront, his right arm around her shoulders with a smoke in his hand, and his left arm going around her waist in front. The blue hair guy, to have a hand on the arm around the girls shoulders. And the rest to be wherever looks good.
The story is called “Keep Your faith”

All of them classic round apart from the asian one i’ll just find that out

Narrow Gentle


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