In Need of a Large Cover for Story

Hi! So I already made a topic about this, but nobody had really responded on it. I already have a small cover for my story and all i need now is the large cover. It doesn’t to be drawn or really fancy, just something nice and simple. If you are able to make one for me, please please please reply with examples of covers you’ve done before! I don’t need it right away, just as soon as possible is fine with me, but again, no rush. It’s a limelight styled cover also so if you could reply with limelight covers you’ve done would be even better. Thank you!

What’s the story about? i don’t mind assisting. :smiley:

Okay, Thank you! The story is basically about 4 best friends traveling the world together. It’s a lighthearted comedy, with some drama and romance, but for the most part just simple comedy. It’s in limelight and i’d want it to go somewhat with the theme of the small cover which looks like:

ok i see a lot of fun. and since there’s traveling the world… ok i picture this. how about a scene with them while on the road or a getting ready to leave scene. sounds good?

Yeah! That sounds good.