In need of a large cover!


I just need a large cover for a storyy that im writing, if interested message me and send me an example of your work and I’ll pm you if you’re accepted. :grin:


I can help




I can help you out! :blush:

Here are some of my examples!


ooooo noice covers. <3


Thank you! :blush:


hehe :wink:


I agree! They are pretty nice! :heart_eyes:


aye ma dood.


Sadly, I don’t have a message button but I’ll somehow try to contact you, I just want to wait for a bit more people to reply but when I think I want you to do the cover, I’ll contact you. If anything this is my Insta- @julia_episode.edits . :grin:


I can


Can you please send me an example ofyour work??


Episode assassins can help!

Request on our thread :smile: