In need of a little coding assistance

Attempting to have my character walk from the side of zone 1 to a spot in zone 2 with the camera following her.

Anyone know how to fix the error?

Edit: Just realised I clipped the wrong warning oops.

This error. ^^


You can’t make a character enter from a side to a spot in a zone: it doesn’t work. You can only enter from a side to an allocated spot on screen.


&AMELIE enters left to screen center

I’d suggest you spot the character off the screen from zone 1 and have them walk to their spot in zone 2, timing the pan from zone 1 to zone 2.


&AMELIE spot 2.027 -50 -366 in zone 1
&AMELIE walks to spot 2.027 148 -366 in zone 2 in (how many seconds)
@pan to zone 2 in (how many seconds)

Adjust the pan timing and speed of Amelie walking, accordingly. You can also determine the type of walking Amelie does, while walking to the spot.


&AMELIE walks to spot 2.027 148 -366 in zone 2 in (how many seconds) and AMELIE does it while walk_neutral_loop

Hope this helps! :grinning:

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You’re missing the word “spot” on line 2370, and remove the zone. You can’t add the zone with an “enters” command.

No worries. I hope it works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you can. The command is:

@CHAR enters from left/right to spot % x y

You just can’t add the zone to an enters command


Oh. This is how I usually script this kind of thing.

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