IN need of a LL story artist!

Hey everyone! I am starting a new story called “The Purple Tribrid”. i am need of a LL artist who could always do my arts whenever need.

  • All drawn, custom pose maker, background maker, overlay(fantasy) artist needed.

  • So guys reply with ur examples, If i like your edits, i will dm you.

  • If i have seen your reply, I will like the post

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Would you be available for the backgrounds?

Hi, :rose:

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Hi @luckyvirgo Thanks for the tag :heart::tulip:

Hi @Madhu I’d be happy to help with the backgrounds :+1:

However, I do requests first come first serve I don’t give special treatment. You can peruse my bio for examples of backgrounds I’ve made for the community :v::tulip:


Thank you i do accept the offer. I dont need special treatment. do u have ig?

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Awesome :+1: No I don’t have ig, I’m only on the forums. Feel free to PM me and let me know what you’re looking for :v::tulip:



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I could definitely help!


image image image

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