In need of a morning version of background

I would very greatly appreciate it if anyone could make a morning version of

where did u get the background


That second background looks a lot like a background commonly seen in the app “choices”. Not saying you’re lying or that I’m right, but I don’t exactly think you can use it if it is. I’d check on that or something.

oh thank you, I actually got it off pinterest, I didn’t need it but I thought it would come handy in the future. In that case, I’ll just take it out. Thank you for informing me.

No problem! Just didn’t want you having potential issues with copy writing and everything!

Thank you for informing me I very much appreciate it! That was very nice of you.

Don’t get backgrounds from pintrest. You can check out this thread of background editors that have backgrounds.

Oh ok thank you for informing me.

Its an episode background from demi lavato… So you can use it and if yoh want i can make the morning background.

I would love that! thank you so much

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Ok. Ill start it tomorrow.

Thank you.