In need of a nightclub background!

Hello! I am in need of a nightclub background. I am vary new to forums & episode itself, I have been searching all over for a club background can anyone can help me please?!

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Here are multiple that Episode have already.


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If you want to credit the creator, it’s Wincy W (@/wincy.writes).

You can also find other club backgrounds on royalty free sites such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels. :relaxed:


Yesss, Thank you so much!!

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She has a lot of really great backgrounds, there is a link on her ig. :slight_smile:

are these what you are looking for?

Are those royalty free?

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yeah, no copyrights

Are you sure about that…?

pretty sure the first one is not much bout the second :sweat_smile:

But what if theh perrson that made thhe art knnows you and says it is ok/

Then you need to have proof of that. Because if it’s under question at any point, you have evidence that you’re legally allowed to use it.
If anything comes up regarding it’s copyright, and you just say that you were told it was okay to use, it doesn’t amount to proof. Always better to be safe.

Also if you were told you could use it, that doesn’t equal you sharing it as free for others to use, with no copyright or credit attached. That is disrespectful to its owner, as well as could cause others issues. This artist is going to have their work taken by whoever wants to use it, for free, and most likely editing it and sharing it further.

OMG, thankss