In need of a overlay

Hey if someone could help me out I need open locker blue if you can help, overlay and inside a car background plzz

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Hi @yanna1227 and welcome to the Episode forums :slight_smile: Can you please explain your request in a bit more detail as it seems to be a bit confusing and might be located in the incorrect sub forum. For more info on where to correctly create topics on the forums please review our forum tutorial that all new members should be reading. Thanks a bunch! :sunglasses::peace_symbol:

Moved to Art Resources since it involve overlays and backgrounds. :wink: Make sure you check out the link above for the forum tutorial! :smiley:

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@yanna1227 The_Art_Sisters could help you!

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Episode Life usually does background with open and closed lockers in different sorts of colours!

Check them out, I’ve attached the link.

thank you