In need of a partner for my story...!

Hi. I am in need of a partner. someone who is good with the commands preferably… I’m HORRIBLE at the commands… my story is about this girl (Lilo) who has special abilities because she was experiment. she has a 6 or 7 year old child because she found her on the streets as a baby (Marvella) she accidently meet a wolf at the bar she works at. that wolf is the leader of a pack/gang (pack and gang to the super natural. gang to humans) his name would be Niko. I have designs for Niko, Marvella, and Lilo already. I REALLY prefer not to do a whole group thing because last time I did that I got left out… from my own group that I created… sooo I just need ONE partner or even MAYBE two if we really need one. so pllleeeaaaasssseeeee contact me if you wanna be partner for this story!! if you want a private convo you can add me on insta @bree_092203 (I don’t have snapchat cuz of the drama lol) please contact me soon!!!

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