In need of a Partner for my writing

Hi all i am Athena Marie. I have previously written some stories and still am writing quite a few.
The one i am writing at the moment is In My Veins. I need a writing partner to help write, proofread and give me advice on what to write.
To reach me DM me at @athena.marie.epy
And email me if ya don’t have insta!
Any requests are being taken into account, and i’ll get back to ya as soon as i can.
(Probs the next day as i check here everyday)

Hi i have several requests and am deciding which one so , no more requests please!


hi I am still quite new to this myself but I am sure I could help you here is my instgram : sierra_writesyt would love to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Sierrawolf123 and @athena.marie
If you still are looking for help I started a writing group where we help keep each other inspired and help one another out you can find more information here:

Seventh Heaven Writers Club (ages 14-19)