In need of a partner!

Hiiii people!!! I’m Bree and i need someone to partner with me to make an episode story. I was thinking it could be about the Mafia and stuff like that. I need someones help with ideas and creating the story in general. I’m a kid so i do get grounded so i also need to make sure episodes come out on time and we can rely on each other to do that. I really hope you feel interested in making this new story with me. OH! and we can also make an instagram account so we can upload episode stuff for out future fans. I hope you will consider in this partnership. You can add me on my snapchat @briannahoward03 or my instagram @bree_092203

Thank you for reading this!! Hit me up if you wanna do this​. :heart::heart:

Can i help

If you’re still looking, let me know. I’d love to help you hun x

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I’m interested too

Hey @Bree0922 I would love to help!!! Maybe you could start a writing group! We make an email address that we can all access that way we can all write. Also I am 12 turning 13 so I completely understand about the grounding thing. just add me on snapchat @rcoote48 :wink: Or reply to me on here and we can plan. I will add you on snapchat. as well, please reply back! I already have a few ideas also (sorry I will be going soon) I have a question.
In this potential partnership/writing group who would be the writer and who would do the coding?
I can do both (but I am better at writing) haha anyway I am going now just please add me or reply so we can be in touch :smile:

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hi I would love to help @Bree0922 And I :love_letter: the idea of a group

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