In need of a pfp!


I just created a new account because I wanted to change my user name and I was too lazy to just contact someone to do it. lol. Anyway’s can anyone get me a super cool pfp??


You can just google what you want lol . Just curious , why are you asking people on episode ? Plus not everything someone will show you will seem cool to you since people have different opinions .


Well Idk if you know this or not but some people on Episode create profile pictures…


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we’ll help you out




Hey! you can actually go ahead and take me off your waiting list as I no longer need a pfp. Sorry to waste your time!


Heyo! I’d be more than happy to help


One of my recent works!


HelLooo! Welcome to de forums! I kinnddaa disagree with ya lol, since like if ya take pics from google then it will be like stealing ur work, and 1 thing ya should know is that ppl love drama here lmao… sooopee…

Dont mind me , I am just a boreeedd individual




well taking pictures from google isnt stealing work since its public . unless someone copyrighted it then it should be fine . people sure do love drama . :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay lol.