In Need of a picnic blanket overlay!

I’m making a picnic scene, and its going to be night.
So I was wondering if there was anyone who could make that?
I would prefer it to be dark, because as I said it is night.
You will get official credit on my Instagram, and in the story on the scene where your overlay is used (as a pop-up) and then once again at the end of the story!

I am so grateful to anyone who would be willing to make that for me.
I would usually make overlays myself, but for this the angle is confusing me.
Thank you again to anyone who would be willing to put the time in for me!

:sparkles: Lush Out :sparkles:

For what bg do you need it? It would be easier to make if you could show a bg. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry!
This one

I made 2 bg’s! Please let me know if anything needs to be changed or added.
You can credit me through my ig @creationsbybless or @storiesbybless or forums which is @BlessStories

Picnic BG

Also btw I’m also not sure if it’s allowed to take an episode bg and add stuff unless if it’s like an overlay your going to seperately add but not as a bg so I included the overlays I used just to stay on the safe side.




Thank you so much this is perfect!
I was just wondering if I could have your consent to add a color shift thing to it so it’s a bit darker?

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Thank you so much!
Will obviously still give credit x

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No issue :blob_hearts:

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