In Need Of A Private Artist

@Forever1201 here :blush:. I decided im going to concentrate more on my story because I barely worked on it. However, I need an artist to help me. I know how to make my own covers, splashes, Overlays, Background edits etc but I think it will be nice to hire an artist to do it for me :blush:. I want to try something new and plus I will have more time for my story

I need an artist who can do:

- Drawn covers

- Drawn splashes (If possible if not it can be edited)

- Overlays

- Art scenes

- Custom poses (If not its alright)

- Backgrounds (Custom and/or already made but edited)

And thats it. If u agree then I would love to have u helping me :smile:. All your work will be credited in my story

Comment down below and show me your examples. :point_down: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Only one person will be chosen unless no one can do all the requirements then I will assign each artist their job BUT thats only if there is no artist who can do all thats above

I hope u join me and we will work together and It would be such an honor to help me. :heart_eyes:

Have a nice day :heart::heart:


I can do custom poses, and covers and some art scenes. But no drawn splashes overlays and background,


Can I see examples?

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Custom poses:


Art scenes:

Heyo! Some examples of things, the only thing I didn’t include was background but I can make some depending on difficulty.


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Beautiful examples :heart:

@tea_bish and @Danielle318 I will make my decision tonight so I will let u know tonight for now i’ll wait if more people are interested :blush: