In need of a Proof Reader and Partner *ASAP*

Hello! I’m currently writing a story (university, forbidden love, action, no bad boys, no stupid mean girls and no pregnancy) I also want to write a second story which I will release later on.

Someone who can proof read my stories because English isn’t my first language

-I need a partner who can be consistent and will last, cause I had a few who lasted a day
-Someone who is good with narrations, I suck writing narrations. Of course I will write them but you can add something or make it even better
-Someone with who I can share my ideas (I HAVE A LOT) and who can help me place them kn the right spot for my plot (or some of yours ideas too)

About myself:
•I’m really good at coding (wrote a few stories before)
•Can make self made backgrounds, edits and so on
•18 years old and my first language isn’t English but I can express myself enough
•24/7 online, I have a lot of time


I’ll be happy to help. You can contact me on instagram @a_diti___

My name is Deb and I am offering proofreading services for AUD $3.00 per chapter with payments going through my paypal account.

Service includes:
Sentence structuring
Basic directing

I edit scripts via an editable live document or you send me a WORD document containing the script.

About Me:
English is my first language
I am an Australian native

Please message me if you are interested.