In need of a Realistic style art scene


Hello. I’m trying to do a scene with two of my characters within my story and I need someone to draw it for me since I don’t have the skills to do it. I need to be in a realistic style. Here are the rest of the details: (The characters are limelight)

Background + Poses

I want the girl sitting on the left side, holding on the swing chains, facing the boy while smiling and blushing.
I want the boy sitting on the right, holding the swing chains, facing the girl while smiling and blushing as well.

Character Details - Girl

Hair (To atleast look like this if possible)-

Hair Color- Deep Brown
Skin Tone- Gold 05
Eyes- Deepset Downturned + Brown Dark
Eyebrows- Straight Medium + Deep Brown
Face- Round Soft
Nose- Round Flared Upturned
Mouth- Full Round Pouty + Tan Deep Neutral

Body Type - Hourglass

Character Details - Boy

Hair - Curly Mohawk
Skin Tone- Neutral 04
Eyes- Deepset Heavy Lid + Brown Black
Eyebrows- Straight Medium + Black Dark
Face- Diamond Defined
Nose- Round Wide
Mouth- Full Heart Natural + Beige Deep Neutral

Tattoo - Lady Rose Tattoo (Ink)
Body Type - Triangle

Please take as much time as you need. Just send it to me whenever you have it done. Thank you. :relaxed:


I could try to do it, but if I wont give it it means I couldnt do it or it failed, ill try tho!


I see. Thank you for at least trying to do so.


Ill see what I can do


Can i get a screenshor of the character?


Here you go.


Hey people! I’m still in the need foe an art scene. Is there any artists available to do this?


@Sydney_H Can you close this so I will be able to make another one?



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: