In need of a small and large cover for my new story! (INK)

Hello! I’m kinda new to the forums so hopefully I can explain all of this right, I am currently working on chapter 3 of a new story I’m writing and I would really like a large cover and small for it! If you could help, please let me know and please maybe attach some of your previous work if you don’t mind. I appreciate it! <3

Also, I’m leaning more towards an art style, but I’m open to other ideas!

Thank you! I’ll check it out!

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Maybe i can help :slight_smile:

Vanilla's Art thread 🥀 [OPEN] •Art scenes •Art Covers •Art character- and more!


I’ve found someone to do it, thank you though!

I’ve found someone to do it, but thank you!

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Hello! Do you take drawing background requests?