In need of a small and large cover for my story!

Hey everyone!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was wondering if anyone could help me by making a large and small cover for my story! :slight_smile:
Of course I will give credit - both on my Instagram and in the story!
It would mean a lot if you could help me!

I know this might be a problem but if it’s possible I would like it done as soon as possible! :upside_down_face:

Let me know in the comments if you can help me!


Title Forever Lost Love
NOTE on the small cover I’d like it to say FLL and then under that Forever Lost Love (If you understand what I mean haha)

Of course you can put your own name on the cover if you want that extra credit :grin:

I’d like them to stand in the middle of the cover where they’re looking at each other. Preferably looking mad haha

Theme The theme of both covers should be dark and mysterious! I want the readers to really feel captivated by the cover making them wanna read my story!

You can find screenshots of the characters I’d like in both covers down below!

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You should post some of the details of the cover so that people who could do it know they can help you :smiley:

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Hey, I would be happy to help! It may not be the best but I can try :slight_smile: (Check out my recent post, I have some examples there)

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I love your work! It would be amazing if you could help me!!

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Sure thing :slight_smile: I’ll finish it as quickly as I can :blush:

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Hey, I attempted a small cover for you… not the best, but I tried haha. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change :slight_smile: @MistyM