In need of a small cover!


I want the cover to be blue, with possibly some white bokeh lights or sparkles. I want my characters standing next to each other CHAR1 left and the other right, CHAR2 on the right crossed arms and the one
on the left angry crossed arms.

CHAR1 angry crossed arms
CHAR2 angryfists

CHAR1 (classic)
Wavy Up Black
Green Normal Eyes
Button Face
Full Purple Lips
Girl 3

CHAR2 (classic)
Long Straight Bangs Brunette
Blue Normal Eyes
Button Face
Full Purple Lips
Girl 3






Im Making it


Thank you! I’ll be so grateful!




Whats the clothing and name of the story


Just blue dresses and the name of the story is stunning


Ok thx


I can’t find angry crossed arms only crossed arms?


Can i just use crossed_arms or talk_angry_point?


Im just going to use talk_angry_point


If you need anything else like intros check out my thread I make custom poses x


episodegab what is your episode name


Im Finished but just missing your name


episodegab816 is fine :blush:




Hope you like it


If you don’t like it i can make a new :smiley:


I would love to hear if you like it