In need of a Small House Background

Hello everyone! This is my first post and I really hope I have put it in the right place! Basically, I am looking for an exterior small house background. I really like episodes EXT. VENICEHOUSEWITHOUTCAR - DAY background, but I only see that it is a day background.
It would be super cool if someone could make one that is also Dusk and Night, or create one that has a small house. OR if anyone can point me in the right direction of someone who has already created something that would be great!
I feel like I have looked EVERYWHERE, but maybe I missed something. Any help that can be provided is AMAZING!
Thank you in advance!

You can find an artist here, thought I reccomend @amber.writes

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Thank you so much! This was super helpful I really appreciate you responding!

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Thanks, hun!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi, did you get what you needed? If not, I can edit EXT. VENICEHOUSEWITHOUTCAR - DAY for dusk & night :slight_smile: I also have a matching overlay for this bg.

hi are you still able to create this in a night time version??

Hi, I made these a while ago. Hope they help :slight_smile: No credit is needed.


Can i use these backgrounds/ overlays???

Yes of course! @goldenwaterlily said that there is no need for credit (I did anyway lol) but feel free! Good luck with your story! :smiley:

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Thanks :joy:

hello can i please use this house in dusk and night time please