In need of a splash and a cover for for my story!

Hello! I really need an art cover, small and large pls, and also a splash :blush:

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Hello! I might be able to help ya! Is it ink or limelight?

Ink and thank you!

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Can you please send some examples of you work?

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What is the title of the story? And is the art scene splash mature?


The title of the story is my handsome gang leader, and yes, it is splash mature

I can too!

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Something like this? But please note that I will be able to complete ur request after a day, If you want it any sooner then please request

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Thanks :heart:

OMG it is REALLY good!

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Heheheh…thank ya! :heart:

Of course! I can wait

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I can send examples if you’d like? @Killerfrost you can do covers i’ll do splash?

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Okay, I have to sleep right now sorry.
But can you please send me the details…
And also, I cannot do it if it’s mature :heart:

Np, anything is fine with me! But ya need to ask @Maria05

I am!

You are all too nice! Thank SO MUCH :heart: :heart:

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I have to sleep now… See ya tmrw!

See you!