In need of a splash and a cover for for my story!

They’re really BEAUTIFUL

Thank you!

Are you going to do splashes?

I can if you’d like! Just tell me which ones you need!

I need for the story uses music, that is has mature themes and strong language, and an intro :heart: I can send you the photo of my characters if you woul like!

Yes, would you like me to draw them?

Whatever you think it’s best

I am gonna send the pics now

One more thing, do you want me to send the pics of the characters with pode, or you are going to do the pose?

Send the poses that you’d like.

The first photo is the main

Character’s crush

The second picture is the main character’s brother, the third picture is the woman that likes the main character’s brother, and the last picture is the main character

Can you do something more or less like that pls, thx it means a lot to me :heart:


Me or her?

You, because I think she is going to do the cover, right?


ok, thanks :heart: