In need of a splash artist again

I know I’ve asked for a lot of things but I just want my story to be as good as possible.

I want a splash that says ‘Tap slowly! This story has advanced zooms!’

I don’t want any characters.

This is the background I want


And this needs to be somwhere in the splash


Thank you in advance

Hi I would love to help!! I’ll have it done soon.

Thank you!

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No problem. Episode dreams lives helping people

I can

Heyo. I’m already doing it. Thanks, I don’t like my time wasted

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What size

Did she pick

It’s alright sweetie she’s already on it, thank you anyway. <3


I really wanted to do it I do it for fun

Heyo! You can still do it for fun but I’m taking my time trying to make it look amazing so please don’t waste my time! Thanks!

Xoxo- A

No, that’s good. Thank you

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What’s the forum or instagram username for episode dreams?

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Awesome, please credit Episode Dreams. Visit our thread if you need anything else

Just @Episode-Dreams

all good

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do u mind deleting it? I dont want anyone else using it

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It’s not the right size

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Hmm. Lemme resize it.

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