In Need Of A Story Artist



I’m in need of a story artist!

I need a cover, splashes & art scenes!

The Young Actress

Priorities on the line, young, new mother, Emma, deals with a dilemma - the pressure of acting or devotion to her children - but does her true love add to it or help her?

Small Cover

Large Cover


Episodes Out

More Episodes Coming Soon!


I can do splashes.




Thanks :smile:


So, what all do you need to know to make one?


Your character details/outfits and where they stand, what background you want, and what type of splash you want.


I would be able to make you a cover…if I’m not busy ofc and I’ll send examples to orrow because i’m super sick and supposed to be sleeping and my mom wont let me go on my computer today




Do you want me to resize the cover? Also if you need it I can make you a splash and a new cover. If you don’t need it’s fine. :wink:


That would be awesome and yes!


So which one needs to be resized and can you send character details for splash and cover. Also sorry about the cover I think I was in a rush that day to get covers out.


The One for Life Of A Girly Girl and Tomboy Hybrid Needs to be resized


Alright I’ll do that when I get home.


Kk! I’ll send you the details of the other cover later!


Ok! :blush:


Title: The Young Actress
Author Name: Alexandra Rose
Character 1:

Character 2:



Alright I’ll send them both out in 30-45 mins.






Hi. Your cover I just started and I’m having trouble resizing it says the storage amount is too much.
Can you check with this one and tell me.