In Need of A Story Cover!

I am in desparate need for a cover art for my story, Losing You. Basically, what i am thinking is a picture of a bench from the back and two people sitting on the bench a boy-sitting on the left-and a girl-sitting on the right. And the girl resting her head on the boy’s shoulder. And maybe even the boy could have his arm around the girl ( im not sure, but something like that). And the background of a sunset or sunrise. Or something like that.
If you would like to help me out please please please message me or email me at and i will give you the details for the boy and girl. Thank You!!

I believe I can help you.

If you find one please let me know! I need one too. Thanks.

Can i see some of your work please?

Okay i will let you know:)

I can do it for you if no one else has done it yet.:kissing_heart:
Here’s my thread

Can I see some of your work please?

My work is on my thread too.:heart:


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I really like your work its great. Can i send you the details now?



Okay i will send them in just a few minutes bc im actually on the bus and im at school right now😂

Ayt I just finished school now
good luck.:sweat:

Haha thanks😂

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Name: Brooke
Skin: light
Hair: beach wave(chestnut)
Eyes: upturned bold(brown)
Eyebrows: thin soft arch
Nose: refined
Lips: classic(orange crush)
Face: oval
Outfit: striped tank top(white), gold biker jacket, key necklace, black military chic boots, and dark denim jeans

Name: Aidan
Skin: caramel
Hair: short cropped(black)
Eyes: classic round(brown)
Eyebrows: thin arch
Nose: button
Lips: uneven(terracotta)
Face: defined triangle
Outfit: ripped punk jeans, black hipster high top sneakers, Henely shirt(black), lady rose tattoo(cade)

And do you want the pictures of them? I can email them to you if you do need them

yes please,
also what background would you like?
and could you please post this on my thread so I don’t forget.


Okay in the description of the post i said what kind of background i would like if possible.

And can i get your email? So i can send the pictures?