In Need of a Story Title

Wassup Everyone! I’m in need of a story title. Originally it was gonna be Blue but now I’m having second thoughts about it. Here’s what the story description is about

Btw the genre is romance


People come, leave and never come back. But when Lars comes into Elle’s life, will he leave her?

Blue sounds good and mysterious,

I’d go with Blue.

That is what I was thinking but then I started second guessing it

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It feels like Blue is good, But I thought of “Leaving”
Leaving goes with the story line and it’s unique

yeah that is true

Or just “Leave”


Blue leave is better

Leave Blue is better than Leave, I like Blue Leave better because it sounds good.

Leaving Blue combo of what @Trying_To_Help suggested
When Blue Leaves
Farewell Blue
Goodbye Blue
Bye-Bye Blue
Gone Blue Gone

thx for all the suggestion guys

My fav is Leaving Blue

Blue Leave Blue sounds good!!

Leaving Ellie.

Lol soryy I tried.

Blue Leave Blue

Life without love :heart:

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  • Life Without Love
  • Leaving Blue

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@Sydney_H can u close this? Please and thank you :pray:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: