In need of a talented artist for art scenes


Hey! I’m in need of a artist to help me THROUGHOUT my story, I have one talented person but I don’t want to just rely on them! I need a few examples, Also I dont want pure episode editors I want somebody who can make episode edits into semi realistic art.


Hi, do you have Instagram?


Yes I do @kaieeedts


You can check out this account: epi_fish_head_dovie


Ok thank you!


Feel free to dm me on Instagram
@leslie.giselle04 or pm me here


Dm me on instagram @epi.lena if you need artist.

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@Zoewriter dm me here or @Starlight.epyy on Instagram for any art you need!


Hi, Are you still helping.

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I can help with art if you need. Just don’t request here.


Ok, I will DM you on Instagram I am @cookiedoughcats

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Okay you can dm if you want art


Ok will do

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Hi please dm her cause I don’t want notifications for no reason

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