In Need of a Translator! (Italian)

Hey I’m in need of a friend that can knows Italian and can tell me what some English sentences in that language! It’s for a story I’m writing :wink: if you have an Instagram please add that below. I could use Google translate but…🤷 I don’t really trust it to be honest! :joy: We can discuss if you would like to co-write on my story too just add your @ and I’ll let you know the details, as I would love the help! I’m super easy to work with and nothing I’m working on needs to be rushed! Ps: actually if you don’t wanna leave your information just hit me up on insta@honeylemon0_0


If you can’t find anyone I’d suggest Yandex. It’s a free translator and it’s really good.

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Ciao, parlo italiano. Pero ’ non parlo bene.
(Hi, I speak Italian. I’m not fluent though.)

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Do you have Instagram?


Would it be okay for us to talk on there?

My Instagram is paityn_ann

I’m gonna get with you soon! I’m sitting here falling asleep trying to type but I’ll talk with you later after I get some rest :hugs:

OK. yeah, same here. I’m so tired.

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I’m Italian! Message me :slight_smile:
Ig: @csr_episode

Don’t please! Most sentences in Italian on episode are wrong because of it.

Hey @HoneyLemon do you still need a translator? I’m Italian and I know pretty well English. PM me if you’re still in need, I can also review your Italian part in the story and maybe riformulate some sentences.