In need of a writing buddy/friend

I just need someone whoโ€™s willing to handle my crazy humor and my crack :clap:t3: head :clap:t3: behavior :clap:t3: because all my stories have a lot of comedy in them and I need someone that can relate to that. :โ€™( I want a writing buddy to include in my story and make it funny with. If you know Ora and Julz then you sure know what I mean. Pls and tyvm. Iโ€™m also stupid with ideas and I need help. <3


Bump??? :woman_shrugging:t2:

I can help you with writing. And Iโ€™d love to have a fellow crackhead-ed friend.

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wrong category :wink: this doesnt belong to tips and trick but to finging writing partner @Nick

Oh yes, thank you. We can discuss this. DM me on my insta @talesbyskai so we can kind of have it all there yuno. Only if youโ€™re totally willing.

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Oops Iโ€™m sorry. Is that better?

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I mig not be able to commit to a full time writing partner, but I can definitely try to help.

Hey! I could totally need a friend with crazy humor. Iโ€™d love to help out if you need it :blush:

Okayy, we can still discuss, we donโ€™t have to get to anything

Oooh, thatโ€™s great!! Can you DM me on instagram? @talesbyskai :smiley:

I messaged you.

I sent you a message!

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