In need of a writing partner <3 [OPEN]


Hello Everyone!
I have recently started writing my first story but i don’t believe it is getting anywhere.
I would love to have a Co Author who is creative and has some plot ideas.
I have been working on my directing for a couple days now, and have picked up quite a lot so far.
I am a very fast learner and love writing stories, but i am just not as creative as i used to be :frowning:
Please reply if you are interested,

Sincerely Dahlia


I can help with ideas


That would be awesome!


Do u have instagram or Google Hangouts?


I will create an instagram acc now :slight_smile:


I have made my instagram account



Mine is darkangel_episode


If needed i could help u with ideas and if u ever need a background my brother is a artist so i could help there also


i could even help if u need some. m here


ready to help u in nay way i could


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: