In need of a writing partner! ( Advanced coding!)

Hello! I am used to Advanced coding, so somebody with that skill set would be GREAT!

I am currently working on a story for the Clue contest, but I need a plot… I already have characters so no need to help with that.

I am looking for.

Advanced Coder (1)
Artist (2)
A plot Helper (3)
An anything else you can have in mind!

Please let me know what job you are interested in!

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Hi I can help with artist and plot helper if you’d like. :grin:

That would be Amazing!

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Do you have any art examples?

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Alright! I’ll PM you!

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I can help with coding. I know how to do MANY things in coding for Episode.

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*Advanced coding

What would be awsome!

I’m sure I could help you with coding. The only thing I am not good at, is rotating overlays. Placing them is no problem

I could make characters


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So am I doing coding?



im great at developing plots and if you still need someone to help you with that i really think i’ll help

Is it okay if you could help me and code for my story, I would like some help if that is okay with you?


That’s perfect, do you have Insta?

I’m an advanced coder advanced coder, but awesome artist and a great plot writer!
I’m a bit one get two free deal! :+1:t2:
I’d love to help!

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