In need of a writing partner and special art scene maker!

the one im working on right now its about a girl who is married and then gets in a crash. and only remembers being in high school, she tries to find her high school lover Sebastian. but she also has people after her because she also a famous celebrity that got in the wrong crowd.

I am doing a mystery story so i want an art scene for lover 1 abd her and lover 2 and her

Hi, I would love to write a story with someone. I had writers block last week but now ideas are pouring out of my head. Lets do this!

sweet by the way im horible on coding just saying

so what kinda mystery are you doing??

I don’t care

I’m bad at making multiple episodes

I would love to work with somebody on a story!

I’m not great at coming up with story ideas. But if you know what you want to happen, I can code it for you. How would we do it though? :thinking:

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I can’t make art scenes but I can make splashes. So if you’re in need of splashes then check out my splash thread here:

my email is just imbox me the code after i get done writing the script ok

its ok ill come to you when i get writers block lol you can help feel in the gaps. and check it okay

Okay, how will you send me the script? Email or forums? :slight_smile:

email it will be way to long if i did it on here

Okay, I’ll PM you my email. :slight_smile:

got it lol

how about me?? you can contact me on my email its

Hi I just started writing and would anyone like to partner with me

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: