In need of a writing partner! Anyone?

Hiya fellow Episode authors, or readers, thank you for clicking on this! I am in need of a writing partner, I’m not coming up with any good ideas and need someone to proof read the chapters with overlays and such. If your willing to come up with good ideas, proof read, help write some lines and scenes in chapters, ect… Please DM me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:
SIDE NOTE :: I’m working on a new story called, Certain Regrets, go read that if you want some idea of what I write about. My account name is the same as the one I have on here! Thank you xx :slight_smile:

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i am welling to be your writing partner if that’s fine with you i am already someone and i be glad to help you just let me know and we can start ASAP :smiley:

SO sorry I didn’t reply sooner! very busy with stuff with school and work lol, anyway- I would love you to be my writing partner! :smile:

SO SORRY!! It’s actually epy.emma223 :heavy_heart_exclamation::confounded:

Ok when can we start

what does your schedule look like? if it’s clear mostly, we can start anytime you like

Will this weekend i am going to tge beach to stay so maybe i can go to the computer room and work maybe or we can start monday​:green_heart::yellow_heart:

Sorry I cant be on forums at the moment and wanted to get back to you ASAP! Anyway, I think that we should start tomorrow or Wednesday :))

hello sorry about being late to respond but i was so caught up in school work aka i am 13 if that explains it anyway i have been trying to start but the school work kept me out of it what about this weekend bc there is a 3 day weekend saturday sunday and monday?

of course, I know what you mean. i’m also thirteen and struggle with school and episode, i’m late too! so since we do have a three day weekend, maybe sometime this weekend? :blush:

ok sound good:smiley:

wait, actually sometime this week because my parents said we’re going to my grandparents all :confused: and every Saturday at 3:15 I have horse riding. so yeah, during the week if possible and Sunday’s

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