In need of a writing partner ASAP!

Hello, I’m currently working on my first story with episode. I get the basics in writing I just need someone to help me figure out how to do choices in my story and help with advance choices and directing. My instagram is teesha.episode

Sure Pm me! Or email me at

Hello I’m Alexandra/Vanessa and I’d like to help you. I am still learning advanced directing but I have everything else figured out


When would you like to start helping me?


Okay so what all do you need and when will you be able to start helping with the story? Also if you could give me any advice on how my story looks so far I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.

I can help if you still need it

Yes I still need help

Then I can help :blush:

What all do you need just my login information?

Yep and what exactly do you want help with ?

I need pointers on how my story is going so far and how to do choices such as wardrobe changes in malls or closets and it’s


Okay I’ll login


Ok I logged in sorry for the late reply

You’re fine

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Can anyone help me with my new story? i can send my instagram so you can contact me! the story is a love-hate relationship between a boy and girl who just might for the first time at school,and start to grow fond of each other later on.
The guy taylor kyles is a hot,cocky,jock who thinks he knows it all,but in reality he really doesn’t,because everyone thinks he’s like god at this school.and the girl genie abram is a new fresh of breath air,who doesn’t judge you for you,and is a honest sweet girl. Those TWO combine make a odd pair!