In need of a Writing partner! New story <3


Hello everyone! I’m looking for a partner in coding and writing! I myself am pretty experienced, however, I would love someone to join my episode interactive writing journey! I’m 18 years old and looking for someone who’s around that age. My story is one of a kind! I believe very interesting and empowering. In fact, it’s soo good I think it could be worth your time :wink: <3
I have the story planned out for the most part. If you are interested, feel free to comment below or pm me! I also would love to read your story! hmu with the name if it’s published!

Thanks for stopping by and reading angels :heart: :angel:


Hi im new and looking for an inspiration to write and i would like to create a story but i need a partner!


Hello there! Thanks for getting in contact with me. Do you have discord by any chance?


Wonderful! do you have discord?


Im new and honestly I dont know what discord? and No problem


Discord is a great way of contacting people without giving out your personal phone number. I’m afraid we will need something like this if we’re going to make a story together…


mmm thats great! is discord an app or something?


Yes it’s on pc and in the app store!


I am looking into it now…


Hopping I have downloaded the correct app,is it for gamers?


yes thats what im on now it says for gamers


yes gamers use it as well!


So my user is emmazapp


there should also be numbers by your user. I’ll also need that to add u as a friend.




I’ve added u :heart:


my name is Slaydxddy53… i was having trouble with downloading it but i got it now


Do you have a secret code by your picture?


do i create a server or join one