In need of a writing partner! Please help me


Can anyone help me with my first story ever on episode I need help and I have a vision just not good at coding. I will give credit if needed on insta and at the end of the chapter. I have a vision on how my story should go I just suck at coding and need help.


Heyo @kait-episode if you need a episode partner we have a group on instagram with a lot of people who can help you brain storm and code if needed. If you wanna join follow me on Instagram @epi.sqlty and I will add you if you ask to be added❤️


okay thx so much for the help.


No problem sista!


That’s fine and thx for the help this is my first story so I definitely need it.


haha are you talking to me? I thought you were a mobile creator but I suck at coding to so yeah


Oh lol it’s fine I suck at coding that’s why I need the help.


me too but sadly I don’t have Instagram…


Oh, :expressionless:


Yeah I’m not allowed to have social media yet oof its fine though atleast I have a phone let me be thankful for that!:joy::joy:


Yup. :joy:


yeah, I have been trying to watch vids on youtube about coding but it honestly doesn’t help that much ;/


Yeah its still confusing to me that’s why i’m here lol.


a youtube actually told in a video about this community so I came here to get some art and stuff for my story.


Oh cool. I saw this place while looking for overlays.


thats cool but what I don’t like is it takes forever for them to approve your custom backgrounds…


I know it takes forever and you can’t update your story without it being approved first.


yeah its just really annoying


Finally someone who gets me. :joy::joy:


lol I mean I experienced it too