💜 In need of a writing partner! 💜 (Solved!)

Hi! So I am working on a story, I have two chapters done but they are very short, could anyone help me with the story?

Name: The Witch’s Revenge

Author: Emi and [your name]

400 years ago, vampires killed the witch Selena’s family. Now she’s out for revenge. Unless the son of her family’s murderer can change her mind…

There will be art scenes, advanced directing, full customization and lots of overlays

Cover is not completed yet though, @Goth is making it :purple_heart:


I can write it with you!

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Wowwie (I’ve been summoned from my grave)! Sounds like a blast! I may not be able to help code a lot, but if you need art scenes I’m here! :partying_face: Not only that, I can help w the plot if you like!

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